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mozilla -- multiple vulnerabilities


The Mozilla Project reports:

MFSA 2014-01 Miscellaneous memory safety hazards (rv:27.0 / rv:24.3)

MFSA 2014-02 Clone protected content with XBL scopes

MFSA 2014-03 UI selection timeout missing on download prompts

MFSA 2014-04 Incorrect use of discarded images by RasterImage

MFSA 2014-05 Information disclosure with *FromPoint on iframes

MFSA 2014-06 Profile path leaks to Android system log

MFSA 2014-07 XSLT stylesheets treated as styles in Content Security Policy

MFSA 2014-08 Use-after-free with imgRequestProxy and image proccessing

MFSA 2014-09 Cross-origin information leak through web workers

MFSA 2014-10 Firefox default start page UI content invokable by script

MFSA 2014-11 Crash when using web workers with asm.js

MFSA 2014-12 NSS ticket handling issues

MFSA 2014-13 Inconsistent JavaScript handling of access to Window objects



portaudit: mozilla -- multiple vulnerabilities

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