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rt42 -- denial-of-service attack via the email gateway


The RT development team reports:

Versions of RT between 4.2.0 and 4.2.2 (inclusive) are vulnerable to a denial-of-service attack via the email gateway; any installation which accepts mail from untrusted sources is vulnerable, regardless of the permissions configuration inside RT. This vulnerability is assigned CVE-2014-1474.

This vulnerability is caused by poor parsing performance in the Email::Address::List module, which RT depends on. We recommend that affected users upgrade their version of Email::Address::List to v0.02 or above, which resolves the issue. Due to a communications mishap, the release on CPAN will temporarily appear as "unauthorized," and the command-line cpan client will hence not install it. We expect this to be resolved shortly; in the meantime, the release is also available from our server.



portaudit: rt42 -- denial-of-service attack via the email gateway

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Oliver Eikemeier <>