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dbus -- multiple vulnabilities


Simon McVittie reports:

Alban Crequy at Collabora Ltd. discovered a bug in dbus-daemon's support for file descriptor passing. A malicious process could force system services or user applications to be disconnected from the D-Bus system bus by sending them a message containing a file descriptor, then causing that file descriptor to exceed the kernel's maximum recursion depth (itself introduced to fix a DoS) before dbus-daemon forwards the message to the victim process. Most services and applications exit when disconnected from the system bus, leading to a denial of service.

Additionally, Alban discovered that bug fd.o#79694, a bug previously reported by Alejandro Martínez Suárez which was n believed to be security flaw, could be used for a similar denial of service, by causing dbus-daemon to attempt to forward invalid file descriptors to a victim process when file descriptors become associated with the wrong message.



portaudit: dbus -- multiple vulnabilities

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